Co-Founder and President

Candace Owens is one of the most recognized and influential voices in modern American conservatism. She is a bestselling author, political & cultural commentator, businesswoman, and the co-founder and President of the BLEXIT Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to driving conservative principles into urban minority communities within the United States.

Her New York Times bestselling book BLACKOUT: How Black America can make its second escape from the Democrat Plantation released in 2020 and instantly achieved bestseller status. The title has now sold hundreds of thousands copies globally.

Candace Owens launched the BLEXIT Foundation in 2018 with the aim of taking conservative American values into communities that experience the worst effects of government dependency, particularly inner-city, minority neighborhoods. Since then, BLEXIT Foundation has founded over thirty state chapters and hosted tens of thousands of minority Americans at live events across the United States.

With a combined social media presence of over 11 million followers, hundreds of media interviews, two Congressional committee testimonies, talks at over 60 American and International Universities, as well as speeches at events throughout the United States & Europe, Candace Owens has become known as one of the most strident and influential commentators in both the modern political arena and contemporary cultural sphere.

Prior to her entrepreneurial pursuits, she was Communications Director for the student advocacy group Turning Point USA and worked at a private equity firm in Manhattan, serving as Vice-President to their administration. She attended the University of Rhode Island and took executive training courses at the NYU Stern School of Business.